Monday, October 19, 2009

Self Portrait

On a pleasant autumn day, my little sunbeam and I took to the outdoors. This may very well be one of our last opportunities to play in the fresh air for a few months. Winter seems to be encroaching faster than should be allowed this year. Already we've had to turn on the furnace and pull out our cold weather clothes. But yesterday was a much needed break in the rain and chill. Finally a warm afternoon with some sunny skies! And so I drug out the camera.

This is my Mom's knock-out rose. Still blooming.
Two pumpkins grew up free-will in my compost pile!
Elijah is looking like such a big kid!
I love his profile,
... and those inquisitive eyes.
My ulterior motive - trying to get a photo suitable for our Christmas card this year. No such luck. Maybe next sunny day** we'll give it another go.

**Today is a sunny day but I am stuck at the office. Boo to that. Every time the sun comes out I have to be at work. And wouldn't you know, the days I have off it flipping rains. A cruel joke, perhaps?


Jeri said...

Love how your pumpkins came from your compost awesome!! I love PUMPKINS in the fall, but I cannot stand carving them (I have major issues with the insides, the guts, all that- texture issues). I think we have 3 big pumpkins and about 10 super small ones. And since we do not carve them, they'll last till Thanksgiving!

And love the pics of E!

Kristen McG said...

You're right... Elijah DOES look like a big kid! Handsome as ever thouhg. :) Sorry you're stuck inside!!!