Monday, September 21, 2009

The Stink Eye, a photo essay

Here's a little-known fact which you may or may not have heard.

Two-year-olds can give the "stink eye".

STINK EYE, you say?

Oh, you haven't heard? (refer to above photograph)

Now, while it is primarily used to express either disgust, rebellion, confusion, or general unhappiness, sometimes it can simply indicate that the child wants his mother to get in the wagon and take a tractor ride with him for crying out loud!

As was the case here.

You see, there are few things in this world more enjoyable to Elijah than tractor rides at Grandma's house. And because I'm all about building memories with my little guy, naturally I hopped in the wagon with him and went for a whirl around the yard.

Here he is, explaining to me how to lay back and look at the trees when we pass under them. Can you tell this kid lives in the lap of luxury at my mom's house?

In this photo:

- pillow, for laying back and relaxing.

- bucket of cars, in case he gets bored while riding and needs something to do.

- towel, to protect his little legs from the dirt (kind of pointless if you ask me).

- just-picked tomato, ripe from mom's garden.

- "Little Man", who goes on adventures with Elijah (located just south of his crotch in the photo).

- Bandaid, covering the owie he acquired to his knee that afternoon (injuries are every-day occurrences there).


After playtime comes the long-awaited shower time.
Elijah likes to bathe himself these days.
(How do you like the little modesty patch I made?) :)

But he begs me to "Get in! Mommy play in the water with you! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!"

The End.


Jeri said...

Great photo essay as always!!! Love it!!

Dreamer4agift said...

Just too cute:-)

grace said...

he's got some great facial expressions