Tuesday, September 15, 2009

begrudging the birthday

I will turn 31 a week from Thursday.
I am not pleased.
I don't normally enjoy my birthday. Maybe this year we can just skip it? That is, of course, unless people want to buy me lots and lots of presents.

Specifically, this Cannon 40D - 15.1 mP. People... 15.1 mega pixel!!!

Be still my heart.

Oh and there's also the small matter of coffee. (or lack thereof) I have been SUFFERING through auto drip coffee for months now! {I wish there were a font to express utter disgust, because I would have used it for the word "auto drip"!!} Since my beloved French press bit it back in... shoot, I don't know... like forever ago I don't even know how I have lived. So in case you were wondering if you should go ahead and send me one of these. (BonJour Hugo 8-Cup Unbreakable French Press)

Yes, please. And thank you.
(e-mail me if you need my home address!)

1 comment:

Jeri said...

LOL! Love ya honey, but not that much! Just kidding! :o)