Friday, September 4, 2009

More Hodge-Podge from today

Usually on my "days off" I'm still asleep in the morning when I hear my little guy's delightful squeals, alerting me it's time to get the day started. Today I was up first. (Don't know why, since I stayed up WAAAAY too late reading a very interesting book**)

So I was piddling around in my room when I heard him start to stir. I'm interested to see what he does in there before I come get him, so I peeked. I am not ashamed to admit I spied on him. It's cool. I'm his mom. Anyway, this boy is constantly entertaining. He was laying on his back with both of his legs up in the air, reaching for his toes. He was swinging them back and forth while he sang to himself. "Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear sha-sha." and so on. And he was in tune... it actually sounded like Happy Birthday. My giggles betrayed me and he totally called me out.

So first things first, every morning we have to play "pegs". (a 5-piece train car puzzle with pegs you place in holes) Now we have been working on counting above three lately. He mastered the ol' "one two three" several months ago. So we're putting the five train cars together in order and he's counting to himself but he never gets past "one two three".

Today was a big day, guys. He was all... "one two three"... long pause ... "fo-wah"... longer pause... "fize"... looks to me for approval... high-pitched squealing... "Yay sha-sha. You did it!"

And of course I gushed!

This afternoon he and I were playing with his train set, which includes a little man. He was saying over and over "here little man. here little man". I suggested that maybe Elijah was Mommy's man, since we were on the subject. "No-ooah. I dampa's little man" he replied. So I suppose that settles it then.

And since we're talking about Elijah's antics let me throw this one out there too. He can sing "Jesus Loves Me" now. Well, some of it. It goes like this... "Jesus love me... sss I know... Bible... me so... Him belong... He is strong." Not bad, if I do say so.

Some family updates:

Manny's dad is now home from the hospital. He is recovering from the procedure well - the incision is on his leg and not his chest, so that makes it much better. Gloria said he is doing well, but he's still in some pain and is out of it from the meds he's taking. All in all, this is something to be thankful for.

Nothing new to report on Mary Jane. She's undergoing daily radiation for another week. After that there will be more tests to conclude if it worked, etc.

My cousin Ryan (a few years older than I) had a seizure early yesterday morning. He was taken to the hospital and a scan of his brain revealed an egg sized tumor on the right temporal lobe. Evidently this is a very difficult area in which to operate to remove any/all of the tumor. He was then taken to St. Louis to a specialist who will do a biopsy & hopefully decide soon what course of action to take. We are praying, of course, for total healing (both physical & spiritual), and that its not malignant. He has a young wife and 3 children under the age of 7.

Meanwhile, Manny and I went to our first small-group meeting yesterday. So far so good. I enjoyed the discussion and look forward to getting to know the other couples in our group. I hope this will be a good form of accountability and support for both of us.

**The book is called The Mormon Mirage- written by an ex-Mormon who tells why she left the church.

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