Wednesday, September 9, 2009

09:09 09/09/09

Wow, you'd think something magical would happen today because of all the nines. But alas, it's just a regular Wednesday.

I remember 09/09/99 -- less than a month after Manny and I had gotten married. It was a gorgeous day, much like today. I had a little time between classes at USI and I was laying on a bench in a courtyard soaking up some sun. I got to thinking about an article I had read in a Christian magazine by a fairly well-known apologist. He was discussing the great likelihood of the return of Christ on that very day. I can't even recall the details any more. But I never believed it. And while I wholeheartedly believe that someday... maybe very soon... Christ will literally return, I never thought it would be then. Admittedly though, I did feel just a slight twinge of hope as I lay there looking into the bright blue sky that day.

I didn't believe it for two main reasons: Jesus said we could not know the day or hour of his return. So attempting to pinpoint it would be counterproductive and futile. And because I seriously doubt that God keeps to our calendar.

Where am I going with this?
Hang on, you'll see.

So, what of that well-known apologist?

Well, I suppose he's pretty embarrassed for one thing. But for another, he never made any out-right promises, only guesses. I think he was just hopeful, like I am some days. There are days when I've had enough of life and I pray, 'Lord, if you would go ahead and rapture me on outta' here today, that would be just awesome! But if not, that's okay too.'

Interestingly, there have been so many times when other men with large audiences have made predictions (on all sorts of topics) which have never come true. In many cases sadly, leading others into false doctrine and dire eternal consequences. I've been reading a lot about one such man recently.

So, how do we know a false prophet then? You would think that might be a pretty tough question to answer, wouldn't you? But no. It's one of the easier questions out there.

You know a prophet is false if his prophecies don't come true. Duh, right? It seems so simple and straight-forward. But would you believe that there are MILLIONS of people out there today who buy in to the lies of false prophets!? Its unconscionable! Its infuriating! But mostly its just very very sad.

What a challenge, then, to know the truth so that you can discern the lies. People, we need to study God's Word for ourselves... learn it... trust it... believe it... so that we can use it as the standard by which to know if someone is trying to lead us astray!


[steps down off soap box]

Just what that had to do with 09/09/09 I'm not sure. Other than the fact that when I see 09/09/19 appear on the calendar ten years from now, I would pray and hope that I would be more firmly grounded in The Word, always building on the principles of the Gospel, and growing daily. That sounds like a good ten-year-plan, don't you think?

Ok, now get going!

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grace said...

mmmm I went to a wedding on 7-7-07 that was neat. I wonder what that guy thought about that?