Wednesday, July 1, 2009

sweet summertime

This really is one of the highlights of my entire year.

Beside smelling the salty air and catching that first glimpse of the sparkling blue-green ocean as we drive over the bridge to Destin on our annual family vacation... from which I was crappily uninvited this year. Have I mentioned that? Well, it's true. And its a big kick in the pants, that's what it is. Upset much? Umm, ya think?! Especially when my mom makes stupid comments to me like "I talked to Uncle Keith and he's so excited about vacation. He's bringing such-and-such to eat, or drink, or play with, or whatever. And we got this great new cooler to take down to the beach. Oh, we're going to have so much fun! We're on the countdown now. blah blah blah."

Because, really?
Come on!

But anyway, back to the tomatoes...

Spotting that first little red tomato in our garden. Anticipating the warm sweetness from that first bite. Ooh, it makes my mouth water just thinking about it now. It won't be very many more days until they are ready to pick and enjoy. I can't wait.

The past few days the weather has cooled off significantly, with very little humidity in the air. It's so lovely out! Last night we enjoyed a gorgeous sunset. Unfortunately the view from our yard is obstructed by the woods, hills, and houses. But on my drive home, when I was at the top of the hill and could see the entire horizon, it was spectacular. The fields are bright green with corn and soy beans, golden with hay and wheat. The landscape dotted with small white farm houses, scattered cattle grazing on the hills, and a quaint white church with a steeple reaching up to touch the puffy clouds. That's not to mention the sparkling shades of pink, gold, orange, deep purple, and blue streaking across the sky on an evening like this. Honestly, living here is like escaping to a different time. A simpler life. I am glad we are here.

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Jeri said...

Love the pictures! Your tomatoes look de-lish!!! I bummed for you about Destin :(