Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Diary Entry

Dear diary,
Last night I dreamed about Rob Pattinson. He is so cute. [squeal] In my dream I had the nerve to talk to him, which I seriously doubt I would be able to do in real life if I were ever to come face to face with him. In fact, I would most likely blush, babble, and drool all over the place before making a complete fool of myself by saying something like "OMGoodness you are *SO* the hottest vampire EVER. Can I lick your face?". And then he would roll his eyes, puff cigarette smoke in my face, and walk away. But anyway, the dream was cool. So... yeah.

Elijah and I went with my parents and sister to Burdette this afternoon to swim for a few hours. He LOVES his new frog life vest/floatie thing Mom got him today. He insisted upon wearing it at home while eating his snack, in his high chair. It works great. In the deep water I don't really have to hold on to him so much now. I got a little too much sun on my shoulders, but it will tan in no time. Speaking of tans, Elijah is so dark now! I'm jealous of him. Lucky boy!! I wish I were twenty-something percent Latino. Curse this freckled Arian skin of mine!

Our hot water heater is not working again. This all after the plumber came 3 days ago to fix it. It was working fine until I started smelling gas really strong last night. So Manny turned the gas off. The plumber is supposed to come look at it again tomorrow. Meanwhile we're showering at my parent's house and boiling water for dishes. Suu-weeeet!

That's all for tonight.


P.S. Cherry limeade from Sonic is my all time favorite... right now.
P.P.S. 146 days until New Moon premiers!


Jeri said...

I got fried on my shoulders today...which hopefully will tan! I really need to start reading the Twilight series...maybe soon!!

Jen said...

I love that you are counting down to New Moon too! I can't wait!!

I had a RobPattz dream the other night too. He must be making the rounds. ;)

Jenni Jiggety said...

I heart Rob 4eva. :-D