Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Well, no blogging from me in a while, eh? That's probably because everything that's happened in my life during the past week had already happened hundreds of times over and over. And I've most likely already said it all before. So, for the following reasons I didn't update...
For one, my life is really not at all exciting.
For two, I'm bored with myself. blagh.
For three, I have no photos. (Because the camera has been out of my possession. NOOOO!) I tend not to blog when I don't have a good photo to share. I have come to understand this about myself and I think I am ok with it.
I have also come to understand that I say things like "for three" and it totally makes sense to me and I don't care whether anyone else appreciates my special grammar. And now, since I have wasted a whole entire paragraph on gobbleygoop, let me get right down to the business at hand of reporting a few events of the past week. I'm gonna go with a bulleted list for brevity's sake.
  • The weather cooled off and we did not go to swimming. It was both a welcome break from the sweltering heat, and a bummer because we love to hang at the pool.
  • We did attempt to swim at my cousin's house on Friday afternoon, but the water was fuh-reezing after so many chilly nights.
  • On Friday morning my sister came over and helped watch Elijah while I got the grass mowed, weeded the flower bed, tended to the veggie garden, pulled out vines and stuff from under the deck, caught up on dishes, and put a load of laundry on the line. It was a gorgeous warm-but-not-too-hot day, and rather productive if I do say so. Also, thanks to Ragon for helping!!
  • Saturday was my favorite day of the year -- the Fourth of July!! However the weather totally pooped all over my party as it RAINED and RAINED HARD all day! Until finally, about 7 pm the clouds broke and we were about to go outside. By that time we were all a little stir-crazy. Elijah and I mosey'd around the yard and picked tomatoes before heading over to my parents' house to visit. At least they have more room to play indoors.
  • Speaking of tomatoes, I'm starting to get a few ripe ones. So far they are really tasty. I let Elijah pick the little grape ones, but he never eats them. He walks around with them tight in his grip wherever he goes, treating them like some kind of treasure.
  • My parents and I decided at the last minute to drive up to Reitz hill to watch the fireworks over the river. The view was perfect from there and despite the late hour (an hour and a half past his bedtime) Elijah did great. He Ooh'd and ah'd and made comments about the display as was watched. I'm so glad he enjoyed his very first fireworks show.
  • These were some of his recactions: ooh... pretty... bubble... neat... woah Momma... oh wow... too loud. He especially liked to say "too loud" even though from where we were, you could hardly hear the booms. :)
  • Elijah can say anything and everything now. It's pretty crazy to hear that tiny little voice say things like "Momma, I lub lou totally." Or "Nice day outside." Or "Damma pick me up."
  • He really has a funny sense of humor too. He's been doing this funny walk where he kind of leans forward and puts both arms straight out behind him, almost like you would do if you were sneaking. If you ask him what he's doing he says "chicken walk". As if to say: Duh, what does it look like I'm doing? The chicken walk, of course!
  • He has taken a liking to laying down in the grass and looking up at the sky, especially on the hill where he's sort of reclining. He'll plop himself down and say "laaaaay back".
  • And sometimes when he's really adventurous, he'll roll down the hill the way I taught him to.
  • I'm about to start a new Precept class tomorrow so I've been working on my lesson. Elijah likes to sit a the table with a notebook and pencil and pretend to study too. He sits there and scribbles, chanting "homework with Momma".

And for someone who had nothing to mention, I sure did fill up a blog entry, didn't I? Oh well, no one reads it anyway. ;)


grace said...

We played in mud on the 4th....because, if you can't beat 'em join 'em

Dreamer4agift said...

I do!!:-)