Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Numerology and Photographs

Ok, not really numerology because I don't even believe in that stuff. But I have a friend who totally gets into coincidental number stuff. So here's a little somethin for ya, Jeri.

My friend Laurie up in Indy had a beautiful baby girl yesterday, Margaret Lucille (Maggie Lou, they'll call her). Yesterday was 07-07-09. Sweet, right? Well that's not all. Maggie weighed in at 7 pounds, 7 ounces. How neat is that?

Elijah turned 23 months old yesterday. Nothing particularly interesting about that, except the fact that in less than 30 days my child will turn two! I cannot accept this. There must be some mistake, because I would swear to the fact that I just spent a whole 18 minutes pushing him out, like, a week and a half ago. Where has that time gone I'd like to know?

Furthermore, this afternoon at 12:34:56 pm something cool happened.
Check this out: 12:34:56 07-08-09. According to the Internet (so it must be true) this happens once every 100 years.
Kinda like how these tomatoes are called "sweet one hundred"s.

Pretty clever how I mentioned that, right?

Well, did I also mention that my 23-month-old son loves to pick and eat blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries?
pickin out the good ones

mouth full!

unripe berries.

a huge blackberry!

Yeah, he also loves to get wet in the pond...

Or in the baby pool...

And for good measure, here's one of the local wildlife...

And the Stargazer lily Manny gave me on our very first Valentine's day. <3 href="">


Kristen McG said...

Elijah is looks so... toddler. Where did our babies go?! I'm jealous of your ready-to-eat tomatoes. Ours are still just green. I always read, but don't always have hands to type with. :)

grace said...

this post was very witty and funny!
I want to eat black berries please!

Dreamer4agift said...

As always, I love the pics:-)

Are you planning anything fun for his 2nd birthday?

BTW, do have plans for next Saturday? This will be my birthday, of course, and I'm looking at POSSIBLY having some ppl over to swim at my parents and cook-out. Nothing definite yet, though.