Thursday, July 16, 2009

First Concert

I sat down at least 5 times to finish this post, but the busy week got in my way and now that I'm finally posting it we're a little behind. But that's okay, right?

I'm sure there were some before it - farther back than my memory can recall, but my first concert (at least as far as I know) was the Christian group Acapella, circa 1987. Does anyone know who that is any more?

I just Googled them and tried to find a link to their site post, but nothing really worked exactly. So you'll just have to trust me that they actually were a group. And by the way, I LOVED them... with a capitol L!

Anyway, I bring this up because Elijah attended his first live concert on Friday night. The Duke Boys! There's a nostalgic country barbecue place just down the road from our house called Wilson's Cafe, which hosted this little show outdoors under a balmy summer sunset. It was so cute and home-town-esque. (there I go again, making up words)... with the crickets singing along in the background, the mosquitoes biting, and the fragrance of smoking pork & nearby cornfields for ambiance. We sat in lawn chairs under a huge tree, between the highway and a little road lined with cars (because poor Wilson's Cafe could not accommodate all the traffic) just outside a roped-off area for people under 21. We had a great view of the band and plenty of room for Elijah to dance the night away to the oldies.

And dance he did! How I wish I had taken the camera, because that kid can kick it old school. :) He flirted with the ladies and showed off all his best moves: the one leg up, the twirl, the crouch-walk, the booty shake, the two arm flap, and the ever-popular head on the ground. He would have stayed all night, but being a responsible parent I took him home for bed at 9:30. Now before you start thinking about how my Mom Of The Year points are really adding up just wait until I mention that I let him drink Mountain Dew too (which is probably why he was still awake at that hour). shhh. Don't tell his daddy. tee hee.

And so, that's my story.
I have pictures of other stuff to post, but that will wait for later.


Dreamer4agift said...

i loved that group too!

Jeri said...

You gave your child a caffienated beverage?!!? My kids have never tasted a Dr. Pepper (aka Mommy Pop) in their life.....NOT!! :o)