Thursday, July 16, 2009

lazy days

It is mid-summer.
The days are lazy. (if we let them be)

We sometimes stay at home
just hanging out

and eating ice cream on the deck

because it can get pretty messy.

If we get too hot,

we take a dip in the little pool

out on the driveway.
Because its the only flat place on our property.

Afterward, we pick pretty pink flowers
to liven up our kitchen table.

And then we take naps.

Oh yes, did I mention Elijah graduated to a "big boy" bed at Grandma's house? The crib at home still needs to be converted, but that's a job for Daddy this weekend.


Jeri said...

We are lovin' the lazy days of summer! I need to make a post on it. It amazes me how much time we can spend around the house and hanging out with the neighbors....and the kids have a blast!!

Love your new background!!

Jilli said...

Such cute photos!! Makes me want to be YOUR kid!! :)