Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rainy day rantings

I just spent the past hour playing in the rain with Elijah... and having a wonderful time!

During his nap time it had been sunny and lovely out. When he woke up I was anxious to feed him lunch and get outside for an afternoon playing in the sunshine. At first, when we took a look out there our smiles quickly faded when we noticed that the rain had begun falling yet again. But after assessing that there was no lightening and it wasn't too cold, I asked if he'd like to join me in the yard. He replied with an excited tap-dance, a "yeah", and a mini Tiger-Woods-style fist pump. Minutes later he was stripped down to his diaper and chasing after me in the yard, dripping wet. We had so much fun! By the time we were done we were soaked thru and shivering, but it was totally worth it. Or as Elijah would say, it was "so tool". He thoroughly enjoyed his first time playing in the rain.

And that is the story of how we turned a dreary drizzly afternoon into a fun adventure. My son is super awesome!

New words in Elijah's vocab:
- Allergies
- Alligator
- Amazing
- Candle
- Cheetah
- Color (his new obsession is asking the color of everything he sees)
- Hammer
- Movie
- Música (yes a Spanish word)
- Penis (...well, I have to tell him what it is if he asks. right?)
- Shower
- Sleepy
- Smoothie
- Swimming
- Tortilla
- Water Bottle
- Yellow

No I totally did not intentionally alphabetize that list, it just happened that way. really. And of course there are many many many more words he uses and mimics but I can't keep up with him these days.

A few days ago we were reading his counting book for the gazillionth time. The last page shows the numbers counting up to ten, and then back down to one. He pointed to the number eight in the left column and said "eight". Then on the opposite column he found the other number eight and said it again. And I was all 'what? how did you learn that?' but then I figured that since we've read that book SO MANY times, I suppose he learned it that way. I just had no idea he was absorbing so much information.

Oh and... And. (just one more story for today, ok?) He has this ball with all the letters on it, and each letter plays a tune, the title of the song corresponds with the letter you push. For example, the A button plays the song "Are you sleeping". But there aren't lyrics, just the tune of the song. Got it? So... he says to me "lamb lamb lamb"... goes over to the ball... pushes the M button, which then plays the song "Mary had a little lamb"... looks back at me and repeats "lamb Momma". Well of course. Why wouldn't he know the M button plays a song about a lamb when there aren't even words to the songs? I just shake my head because I swear he's too big for his britches.

He also, like his mother, LOVES Derek Webb's music. Go figure. I would have placed him as more of a Michael Jackson kind of kid. But anyhoo.

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