Friday, June 12, 2009

56 years

Today is my dad's fifty-sixth birthday. Or rather, he turned 56 today... this is technically his fifty-fifth birthday I guess. But anyhoo... This post is not really about my dad, but I thought I'd mention it.

In fact, this post isn't really about anything, so I figured that was as good a title as I could come up with, having so little actual content.

This morning a contractor came to our house to estimate the cost to repair our crappy/falling apart/ disaster waiting to happen old foundation. (I anxiously await his input on how much this will cost us.) It needs to be fixed before we can concentrate on any of the other improvements to our house. After that's done we need new windows BAD through the whole downstairs. Then we need new cabinets and counter tops in the kitchen. Then we need to completely redo the downstairs bathroom. Then insulate under the house and in the exterior walls. And insulate the pipes under the house. Then fix the damaged places in the hardwood floors. Then... oh THEN... we need to build a garage into the side of the hill. Oh shoot! How could I forget, we need to excavate the yard to make flat areas to better accommodate gardening and playing (because our whole yard totally slopes directly into the lake, which does not bode well for small children).

Of course all that stuff is going to cost major dollars. So, we're just taking baby steps. Foundation first. Then the rest. Hey, that's kind of a life lesson isn't it? Hmm.

Oh also, today I ventured into the wild arena known as retail sales in hopes to locate and purchase a suitable piece of swimwear. Ha! Who am I kidding? Talk about discouraging. Let me present you with the following mathematical equation.

Post-child-bearing-body + toddler + no gym membership + lack of energy = NOT CUTE IN SWIMWEAR.

end of story.

So in stead of spending money on something I would ultimately never look good in, I decided to forgo the suit and head straight home to drown my sorrows in a half-gallon of chocolate ice cream. Ok, no. That last part was a lie, but it sounded funny. Right?

But I did have one scoop of chocolate ice cream after dinner.

And maybe tomorrow I'll wake up extra early and start that whole running thing I've been meaning to do.

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Jilli said...

Sarah you just crack me up. I love your sense of humor. :)