Sunday, June 14, 2009


Today at lunch at Los Bravos (where else on a Sunday?) we were playing "repeat after me" with Elijah. Because he's such a little mocking bird lately he'll usually say anything if we ask him to. After going on and on about chips, salsa, tortillas, rice, and guacamole I decided to mix the game up a bit. I asked him to repeat the word totally. And he did. But it sounded like a valley girl.

Ok, do people still use the term 'valley girl'? Because that was all the rage back when I was in elementary school. Something tells me the cool kids these days have moved on. Anyway, I digress...

So he said TOE-TA-LEEEE. Just like that. Like he were born and raised by a bunch of Texans or something. It was the most.

Wait. Do people still say 'the most'? I bet not.
Great. Here I am at the ripe old age of thirty, and throwing around all these old person phrases.

After lunch and nap time we went for a quick swim at Burdette. I'm loving these family passes. They make it totally easy to just go swimming for a few hours on a whim. Elijah went under and held his breath a few times, worked on his kicking, and swam back and forth between my Mom and me several times. I wonder if he'll be a brave as some of the other kids I see running and jumping off the sides into the waiting arms of their moms and dads. Maybe.

When we were there my sister Ragon ran into our other adopted sister Chyna. Yeah. That's right, Chyna. The last time I saw her she was 15. Now she's 20, engaged (to a decent guy) and 7 months pregnant. We didn't get a chance to see her before she left, but Ragon said they chatted and she's doing well. The baby is due in August. So there's that.

Elijah totally needs a haircut, which he may or may not get tomorrow. It depends upon how cranky he is after supper and how willing my dad is to get out the clippers. I hope to photograph the event. Since, you know, I usually photograph everything my kid does. But oh by the way, I haven't taken a single picture of him swimming yet this summer. It's too risky to take the good camera to the pool - with all the water, dangerous hard surfaces, and hoodlums around. Hee hee. I may get a new battery for my old one and take it for some snapshots.

I am very thirsty.

And now, my husband and the Twilight movie await me in the other room. Ummm... my two totally favorite things :)

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