Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Weebles may just wobble, but Elijah really falls down.

So, I'm fairly sure Elijah is working on his next set of molars. Being the perfect child, however, he hasn't been at all cranky or feverish. (I kid, I kid - he's not totally perfect) But he has been showing the classic teething symptoms...
drooling - check
chewing of everything - check
pulling on his ears - check
sucking on his blanket - check ... wait, is that one? anyway he does it. so whatever.

And new to this round of teething, loss of balance. (His equilibrium is off probably because the inner ear is so close in proximity to the jaw, says Dr. Rogan.)

That's what I'm gonna blame for his latest ouchie.... a mighty fine looking black eye.

It happened Monday at my Mom's. She left him on the screened-in porch for a second and in that time he managed to squirm his way out the doggie door and down the 4 stairs (face first, apparently) landing on the brick patio below.
This is what it looked like 2 days later, Wednesday morning.

But Elijah's not going to let a little something like a facial wound keep him from enjoying his new favorite toys...

they wobble.
but they don't
fall down.

(unlike my son)

Who, btw, likes to see just how many Weebles can fit in one little bus.

the answer is ten.
ten. ten Weebles. ahh aahh aahhh!

(Guess you have to be a toddler's mom to get the Sesame Street reference, eh?)


gracious said...

man, elijah is looking more like a little boy and less like a babe everyday! what a guy!

Little mama Rossi said...

So adorable! I have yet to endure a black eyed child, but I know that equilibrium thing is true. I had a wisdom tooth coming in for a few weeks (just had the sucker out) and I was so clumsy! Cute weebles too, Daniel also like to stuff them into his bus.