Wednesday, March 11, 2009

we enjoyed ourselves, and then it rained

Oh glorious Spring weather!

This weekend and yesterday it was so lovely out. We soaked up the sunny 75 degrees with smiles on our faces and dirt under our nails! (and in Elijah's case, orange popsicle drippings covering the better part of his front half!!)

We had a refreshing breakfast on the deck, picked up sticks from the flowerbeds, played and played and played outside, went down the slide five gazillion times, hung laundry on the line to dry, and explored the yard with fervor! Something tells me this boy will (much like his Momma) be dirty more than he's not during the warm months of the year. I cannot wait to teach him to play in the dirt and wade in the lake! What fun... what wonderful Summertime fun!!

Sunday we headed over to my parents' house for a little yard work and fresh air.

Yes - I know his sweatshirt is too small.

Then Elijah rode the John Deere...

with his Grandma...

... and LOVED it - loved it - LOVED IT!

Also, the pussy willow is blooming.

And then last night it started raining and got cold again.
what the...
wasn't it Spring?

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