Sunday, January 18, 2009

a little more every day

An update to the vocabulary list I made the other day:
Elijah learned 3 new words today: sausage (yes, really he did), boot, and block.
He also has learned a 3 new signs this week: airplane (with sound effects), milk, and please (which he does with 2 hands in stead of 1)

I have the feeling he's really going to be picking up the learning pace from here on out. I hope I'm able to keep up with his scholastic needs! I think I have a smart one on my hands here folks. (probably even genius.)

Right now he has been upstairs in bed for almost an hour and he's still singing to himself. My mom said I used to do the very same thing.

In shocking unrelated news, my husband has spent the past 3 consecutive nights with me, sans World of War.craft, and hasn't really complained about it. I'm almost holding my breath wondering how long this will last. So maybe it was initiated by my putting these size 7s firmly down, but I don't really care what it took. I'm just thankful for his time.
Sometimes a wife just has to tell a husband like it is. Right ladies? ;)

Good evening. I'm off to cuddle on the couch with the hubs and watch some NFL.


Dreamer4agift said...

Yep, he's a smart one:-) But, really, are we surprised at this?

I'm glad to hear that things are good without the game lately. You're very correct, sometimes the wife just MUST put the shoe down on the toe that is, uh, something to that affect:-)

gracious said...

world of warcraft eats your soul.