Monday, December 8, 2008

On a cold Monday morning...

I get up and check on my little boy. He's still sleeping and it's after 7:00. This is amazing... maybe I can get a shower and fix my hair (more than my usual dripping wet ponytail) before he wakes up! It is sooooo terribly cold in my house and the furnace is already set to 67 degrees. I shiver, put on some slippers and go downstairs to bump it up a few notches. I'm thinking how much it will cost us this month for our heat, what with living so extravagantly in the upper sixties and all. Then I see it... my husband's truck in the driveway. What is he still doing home? He got out of bed, got dressed, and headed downstairs before 7. Maybe it's raining... I check outside, nope. No rain. Honey, what's going on? I find out his boss didn't call him. (This is what they do... the boss sends a text message early each morning with instructions of when and where to be for the day.) That's strange. He sends the boss a text message asking what's up. No reply. humm... Maybe it's too cold out. I checked the forecast and it's 22 degrees right now. Maybe you can't roof in this cold.

Just as I decide to go for that shower (the hot water will feel so nice) I hear my sweet son talking to his bears and blankies. So much for that. Time to switch into Mom-mode. Elijah is such a delight. The sight of him curled up with his blankies, looking at his very own Christmas tree in his room, and sing-talking to his bears is the sweetest thing in the world.

I catch his eye. Mommaaaah. He grins behind his yellow and blue passy. Oh, those beautiful brown eyes and that enormous toothy grin! He stands up and stretches his arms out to me. Before I can lift him out of his crib he wraps those little arms around my neck and hugs me, spits out the passy, and starts to tell me all about whatever it was he was thinking before I entered the room. He's extra cuddly this morning. He wants to sit on my lap and read the Mouse House book before he heads for the trucks or wagon. This must be my lucky day! His hair still smells sweet from the baby shampoo last night.

After a while we head downstairs to see what Daddy is doing. He volunteers to give the little guy breakfast while I catch that shower. Nice. I take my time getting dressed and back downstairs. Then I sneak a peek into the kitchen. What a joy to watch the two of them interact! Something about Daddy just makes Elijah giggle. He finished his whole bowl of peaches and cream oatmeal, a big hand full of grapes, a piece of toast, and half his cup of milk. He's ready for a big day. We have plans to see my grandparents for lunch, then a play date with Michelle and Allison in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, DH is looking concerned, still no response from the boss about work today. 10:00 and they really should be working by now. Cold or not. I ask if he will call him again. He says he will. I decide not to let him see my worry because it's obvious he has no control over the situation. I would only fuel his feelings of insecurity. I tell him I'm glad we have time to spend together. And we'll be fine. Maybe he can make up some of the hours later this week.

After a delightful morning of Sesame Street, reading books, pushing cars around, helping me set up the Nativity Scene, Elijah is obviously tired and heads back to his room for nap time. He locates his favorite blue satin blanket in the toy box, whines a little as he pulls it free, then lays it on the ground in a pile and places his head carefully down on it. Then, in a near state of panic, he realizes he needs his passy (which I have hidden on the top bookshelf). I know what he wants but wonder if he can nap without it. After several minutes of rifling through the toy basket, looking around behind things, and crying to me about it, I relent. He's just not ready to give it up yet. He sits on my lap and we read 2 more books. Those little eyes are so heavy. He's out before I even finish the first round of "O Holy Night".

Now, alone upstairs I start to consider what to do about DH's work situation. I pray. Lord, I know you tell us you will provide all of our needs. I don't want to continue to be anxious. I thank Him that I have a job and that we are not in the same financial hole we were in 6 months ago. There is always a bright side. Just then my cell phone rings in my pocket. It's my friend Michelle. She cancels our play date for this afternoon. There is a family emergency... her husband has been laid off. She is a stay-at-home mom. They own a house in Michigan (where they lived just 5 months ago). What will they do in this economy. There have been a huge number of lay-offs in our area lately. So many people will be looking for work now. I count my blessings that while DH is home for one day, at least he has employment. God will provide for us... and Michelle too.


Dreamer4agift said...

I'm sorry Manny is having an off-day, even though it means you get to spend some time together. It must be scary and worrisome. You'll be in my prayers.

And it's so cute to hear stories of E. I just sit reading and imagining your descriptions and I find myself smiling for you and your wonderful family.

gracious said...

I've been so encouraged lately, being reminded that "His eye is on the sparrow" Jesus takes care of us.

I love your description of adorable.