Friday, December 26, 2008

It's high time for some photos!

These are long overdue. Here are some pictures taken over the past several weeks...

Elijah - the little reindeer.

Trying to get a decent family pic. (no luck!)

Somebody was excited about Christmas eve.


A favorite play spot.

But I don't wanna get out of the cabinet!!

Helping "pap pap" fix the oven.

Ragon's 18th Birthday.

He carried these gift bags around the house for hours.

Little monkey!

Playing tunnel at Grandma's house.

Elijah and aunt Ragon

At "pap-pap's" office playing with the whistle. (his Favorite)

How Elijah rearranges the Nativity Scene... Everyone takes a nap. (notice a pig and octopus that don't belong)

Sunset last weekend.

Bathtime in the sink.

the end.


Dreamer4agift said...

Love all the pictures:-)

Jilli said...

Love the crying pic! I was beginning to think he was happy ALL the time - therefore having to be quite jealous of you. ;) And also the strategically placed shampoo bottle. tee hee.