Thursday, December 25, 2008

Indeed, a Merry Christmas.

A very Merry Christmas to everyone! We have had a lovely day so far. Elijah found his wagon under the tree as soon as we came down stairs this morning. (It's not a little red one - it's Fisher Price) He was elated! He ran back and forth - back and forth - back and forth - with it.
(I know he looks a little wigged out here but he's just excited!)

I love that he was so excited about it. And I didn't even get to tell him it's a Christmas gift. He just figured since it was there its for him. So we let him play with that until breakfast.
Mom, Dad, and Ragon came over and ate with us. (Jacob came over later) We had pull-apart sticky rolls which I made, and citrus salad and breakfast casserole which my Mom made. Everything was delish!

After breakfast Elijah discovered that when you pull tissue paper from bags you will probably find something you want to play with inside. So that's what he did. His method was classic: pull tissue from bag, peek inside, decide if there is something he wants, play like mad with said item until another bag of tissue catches his eye, repeat.

Some of his favorite gifts are: Curious George, the wagon, a MegaBlocks dumptruck, a tool set (complete with hardhat), a firetruck, a backhoe, and a John Deere tractor book, and a tow truck that talks.

Please enjoy some photos:
He has already figured out how to put the nut-ratchet together (whatever that is).

Curious George goes for a wagon ride!

Yay! Blocks and a dump truck. What a lucky boy. :)

Manny and I didn't spend much on each other this year. But he did give me one of the most thoughtful gifts ever. A family journal. It's wooden bound and he wrote on the first page saying that our home and family need to be a place of encouragement and comfort so we should write down things that make us laugh, encourage, inspire, or bless us. I think it's a very sweet gift! He also gave me the newest Ted Dekker book, which I cannot wait to read. My mom gave me a pair of gloves, fuzzy slippers, an awesome Taste of Home cookbook, and money. :) She knows me so well. hee hee. They gave Manny a pair of p.j. pants, and a Lowe's gift card. I gave Manny p.j. pants too and a pair of shoes.

So anyway, after major sensory overload, a few bites of sticky rolls, and a very late nap, Elijah was TIRED. with a capitol T. So the family headed home and we headed upstairs for a little naptime before round 2 of the festivities. Tonight it's a big dinner at my parents house. Yummy!
This was indeed a Merry Christmas morning. I'm so happy Elijah loved all his gifts and really got into opening and enjoying all of them.

And now, a few family shots...


Dreamer4agift said...

I love all the pictures. What a wonderful time! I esp. like the pic with you, M, E, and Annie...she even looks like she's smiling:-)

I'm so glad you were able to come last night and that you enjoyed it.

BTW, good job to Manny for the journal...very, very thoughtful.

gracious said...

Hooray! What a great time! Personally, I love your antlers the best.