Friday, March 13, 2015

11 weeks + 3 days | pregnancy update

I've been sick, like "I think I'm going to die" sick, for 5 weeks now. Only a pregnant woman can understand what it's like to have this feeling for 5 weeks, day and night. Husbands don't get it. They've had the flu, sure. But that lasts, what? 3 days tops. My husband has never experienced a non-stop nausea/puke sensation for 5+ straight weeks.

He has been very helpful, I should admit. He is the only person in our home who has done laundry for 5 weeks. We'd be wallowing in our filth if it weren't for him. Also, he has been kind enough to bring home food nearly every night. Which, I'm sick of, but still thankful for. Because my kids would have starved by now if it weren't for my husband's fast-food runs and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I'm just ready to be out of this horrible rut.

I appreciate that he's willing to come home after a long, hard day and feed the boys, then do bedtime routines with them and tuck them in. Because after 4 pm I'm pretty much worthless. I do my fair share of crying and taking up valuable couch space, though. I tell the boys almost daily how sorry I am for being the worst Mommy ever right now. And every time my sweet Elijah reassures me, "Mom, you're not the worst Mommy, you're the BEST. You're just sick because of the baby and you'll be better soon." Those little guys sure do know how to lift my spirits.

So, about 2 weeks ago my friend, a PA, and mom of 4, recommended a treatment for the nausea/vomiting. She said it works for her so I decided to try it after doing a lot of research about the safety of the medicine.  So, I've been taking a unisom (sleeping pill) + half a vitamin b6 before bed at night. And I'm amazed at how much it helps. It doesn't take it away completely, but takes the edge off. Plus, it delays the symptoms until much later in the day. So my mornings have been virtually normal, just extra tired. And the mid-day is fine. I still have been getting sick in the later afternoon, but it's not to the degree it was before. And still, by bedtime it's as bad as ever. BUT... this helps and I am SO SO SO THANKFUL.

And then, two days in a row (yesterday and the day before) I felt amazing all day. Like my normal, not pregnant self. I even took the boys to the zoo yesterday morning and enjoyed the fresh air and sunshine. (It's warm, finally! High 65 yesterday) I didn't have even the smallest hint of nausea until almost 6:00 last night and I think it's because we waited until pretty late to eat. But that was miraculous!

Unfortunately, I got cocky. I thought maybe I was getting better and I could skip a day of taking my med/vitamin before bed. WRONG!!!!!!!! Biggest mistake ever. For one thing I was so nauseous in the middle of the night that it kept waking me up and tricking me into thinking I needed to jolt out of bed and throw up. Not fun. Consequently, I got a terrible night's sleep. And now today has been one of my worst days yet. I have learned my lesson. No more skipping medicine. Not until I'm super sure I'm all back to normal.

I'm still hopeful that 12 weeks will start to bring signs of relief. Only a few more days to go! I can make it!

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