Monday, February 2, 2015


This is another post where I brag on my sweet Zeke. He's doing so well with writing his letters. I decided a while ago to let him practice with dry erase markers on a page protector sheets in stead of printing out hundreds of worksheets. And its working quite well. He loves to do school while Elijah is working, and since he's Pre-K age, we're just doing basics like reading and writing letters. Honestly, I'm surprised at how developed his fine motor skills are. Elijah never (still doesn't) liked to write when he was this age. But Zeke is very patient with himself and will try over an over to get it right. I'm just so smitten with this boy. What a joy he brings to my heart. I love seeing him learn new things and watching him beam with pride when he does something well. Just look at that precious face! 

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