Monday, November 4, 2013


Yesterday my sweet date and I headed out for an afternoon of concert-going with beautiful music played by the Philharmonic Orchestra and phenomenal acrobatics by Cirque de Symphony.

Now, Elijah and I have been to lots of Orchestra concerts, but this was by FAR the most amazing thing we've ever watched! We were on the edges of our seats, cheering, and gasping during each routine.

Seriously, seriously, great show! And beside the entertainment, he and I had a really special time together just talking about what was on his mind.

I love that he loves orchestra music. I love that he gets excited and bouncy in his seat with the big bass drum bangs. I love that he points to the different sections of musicians and tells me what instruments they are playing and why each one is his favorite. I love that he's amazed by the strings section and how quickly they play and perfectly synchronized they are. I love that the music moves him the way it moves me. He is a child after my own heart when it comes to these things.

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