Monday, October 14, 2013

Mud In Your Eye

On a steamy-warm day in October I left my boys with my parents while I went on a photo shoot. (6-month-old twins... yikes!)

My Dad had closed the pool the weekend before and discovered a drainage pipe problem. So he and the boys set to work digging up the pipe. Consequently creating an awesome muddy play environment. Now my boys love a good project as much as the next kid. So they worked hard and played dirty. So dirty, in fact, that when I returned to pick them up THIS is what they looked like.

I think its a childhood rite of passage. Every kid has to be covered head-to-toe in mud at some point between the ages of 1 and 12. Maybe more than once. This was not Zeke's first time. And knowing him, it won't be his last.

It was all fun and dirty games until somebody got mud in his eye. After that there was much suffering on Zeke's part and apologizing on Elijah's part, because it turns out Elijah thought Zeke wouldn't mind if he smeared it on his face and into his ears. For the record, Elijah was wrong about that.
And then I stripped them naked on the porch and carried them by their armpits to the shower.
Good times.

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