Saturday, June 15, 2013

Elijah's lost teeth!

Big things have been happening for this little guy! {He's not so little any more, is he?}
This week has been full of milestones and important things.
First, we had Vacation Bible School at church {The Kingdom Chronicles} - which was fun and exhausting!  Then, Friday while I was at work, he lost his first tooth! I'm so thankful it happened on his Daddy's watch because if there is anything that makes me squeamish, it's TEETH. Ick!

And later Elijah and Manny went on the Father-Son campout at church. (no girls allowed!) While they were having dinner he lost his second tooth! I took pictures Friday afternoon before the campout, so these were when he was only missing one tooth. He looks so cute - like such a big boy with that gap in the front. I can't believe he's already crossed this milestone of childhood. My baby is growing up too fast. :(

Also this week he got to drive my mom's John Deer lawnmower all by himself for the first time (the blade was off, of course). He was very confident and knew exactly how to handle it. I wish I could have been there to see him, but I was at work. So no pictures of that. Maybe next time.

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