Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Ezekiel!

We had planned on having a pool party yesterday for Zeke's birthday, but the much-needed rain came to town in stead.  (Oh, our poor crops are just sooo thirsty! This drought is taking a terrible toll on every living thing.) Zeke was oblivious anyway, so there was no huge disappointment. We invited both sets of grandparents over to Mom and Dad's for pizza, cupcakes, and to watch the birthday boy open gifts. This was the year of trains! He received loads of Thomas engines, big and small, a cute little Thomas train carrying case, and a race car ramp.  It was a fun and relaxing time, not rushed and full of pressure to hurry and open gifts, or rush to eat cake.  In fact, Zeke didn't even bite into his cupcake.  He had far too much fun with his new trains. He also didn't care to have his photo taken {as you can plainly see above}.

But since today is Zeke's "real" birthday, and it was much nicer outside today, I was able to coerce him into sitting still for point-zero-five seconds (just barely long enough for the shutter to release) and let me take a 2-year-old picture of him, you know, for posterity and all that.
Oh, this little boy. What an absolute joy he is to my heart. I love his adventurous spirit, his gorgeous black eyes, his deep dimples, that natural mohawk, his spunk, the way he adores his brother and Daddy, his slap-stick humor, how he drags that blue and brown blanket around like a real-life Linus, the way he literally mimmicks every single thing Elijah does, his sweet cuddly nature, and his kind-heartedness.  My life is double-blessed to have him in our family. And that's the understatement of a lifetime. I love you Zekie-poo. So so much, my heart could burst.  Happy second birthday.

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