Sunday, July 8, 2012

BIG {photography} adventures!

So, I photographed a wedding yesterday...
The date was 7-7-12.
The temperature was 107.
I probably drank 107 ounces of water.
I didn't go to the bathroom all day.
I think I almost had a heat stroke. No, really.
I was so disappointed that I cried.
People were hot [duh] and cranky and did not want their pictures taken.
I had about 15 minutes alone with the bride.
The wedding chapel was pitch dark.
I had never used a speedlight before, so that was no bueno.
The bride and groom wanted to hurry up and get out of the heat afterward so I got about 15 minutes alone with them too.
I am not pleased with the way their photos turned out.
I know I could have done better.
I'm not just saying that. I really HAVE done better. Lots of times.
I only got about 12 usable shots from my second shooter. Not exactly worth the money I paid him.
But my assistant was worth her weight in gold.
Despite the frustration and exhaustion from the day, I can't wait to do it again.

I will post photos to my photography site soon.

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