Friday, May 4, 2012

Start of Summer

I guarantee you what. I adore this little boy's face.
He was watching the neighbor work with his BIG tractor across the street.  It's enthralling.

How funny that he pulls on his tummy/ bellybutton while lost in thought.

As I mentioned earlier this week, my parents opened their pool.  The boys have been in and out, keeping to only the steps and perhaps a kick or a splash. It's still too cold to jump all the way in. Which, by the way, I found out first hand.  It was just so hot and humid the other day (90 degrees) and I wanted to cool off. The water was 73 degrees, so I was was right back out in about a minute.  But if the temps stay around 90 here (it supposed to) the water should warm up rather quickly. I'm READY for swimming season!

Tonight Elijah gets to go on his very first camping trip. He and Manny are doing the Father/Son campout with our church.  It's just in a big field next to the church. But to Elijah, this is untamed wilderness.  He can't stand the wait. He woke up at 6:00 this morning and came bounding into my room to announce "Mom, I have some great news! Today is the campout day!"

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