Sunday, September 25, 2011

It's a'going.

Things with my little photog venture are getting pretty steady. I've had shoots the last several weekends, was supposed to have one today but it got rain delayed (it’s been pouring non-stop for 48 hours here!).

This coming week is going to be busy! I have a newborn session on Tuesday, 2 toddlers on Thursday, 2 sessions; a family and a couple on Saturday, and a 6 month old on Sunday. Whew. If I’m not tired after that it will be a miracle. But this is really so much fun! I’m just throwing myself into learning everything I can about photography technique, how to understand light, use my camera the best way, give people a good session experience, edit, etc. I am praying that God blesses the efforts of my hands and allows me to continue. I’m just starting and I’m having a blast!

Also, I’m about to die waiting for my new lens to arrive. Should be tomorrow maybe? It's gonna be a fun week. Updates to come on the photography blog!

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