Monday, August 29, 2011

those snot nosed kids

My two little guys have had coughs, green snot, and the like for the past few days. Thank you very much, preK. Oh well- part of childhood. But they both seem to be doing fairly well. Zeke likes to spend quite a bit of his time these days reorganizing my kitchen cabinets. He's a fantastic helper. He's so proud of himself when he "helps" me. He sits on the floor among his conquests and squeals while trying to open boxes and packages and dump out their contents.

Elijah isn't letting it get him down either. He spent every waking moment this weekend busy and enjoying the perfect weather. Uncle Keith and Aunt Paula are up for a visit from Texas. He thinks Uncle Keith is either Santa Claus or Jimmy Buffett. That one's a close call.

He has been really letting go of all things fearful when it comes to swimming. Saturday afternoon he went from going down the little orange slide from the patio to the water, to going down head first, then upside down, then backwards, then up off the picnic table upside down and backwards. Plus he now lets my Dad throw him "all the way up to the trees".
All in all, I think they are handling the illness just fine. :)

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