Monday, August 22, 2011

This is the Way We Go to School...

My baby big boy had his first day of PreK today! I don't have the emotional stamina to write a heartfelt post about how this is making me feel, so here are the facts.

We decided on a different school than I mentioned before since that one didn't start until much later. His teacher is Mrs. Miller. There are 6 kids in his class and they only go half-days, 3 days per week. So it's not too much. He was SO ready for this! He was over the moon excited about it all weekend. When we got there we waited in the foyer for the bell to ring (how cute is it that they have a bell?) then I walked him downstairs to his classroom. He didn't even want to hold my hand on the way there. I made him though. I explained that Mommy needed it. After he walked through the door of his room he never gave me a second glance. Of course, I forced him to stand next to the cute bulletin board and smile for a scrapbook photo. Then he was off checking out the new surroundings, and telling his teacher he thought he needed to sanitize his hands. And that's it. Not a single tear shed (by him).

When we asked him later how it went he replied, "Oh Grandma, it was awesome!"

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