Monday, August 8, 2011

~~ F O U R ~~

Here we go with eleventy-billion photos from Elijah's big #4 birthday!
Naturally, he woke up bright and early -- ready to go downstairs and open presents!
He got a yellow race car, a super-soaker water gun, peanut m&ms, & lots of markers.
Then it was off to donut bank on our way to church.
For some chocolate milk and a chocolate donut with chocolate icing and sprinkles for my 4-year-old. He wore his birthday crown all day!
After church we went to my parents' house for more fun.
And more gifts.
He's holding up 4 fingers. :)

He got a cool cement mixer from Grandpa!
A kick-board from Aunt Michelle.
Lot of swimming!
{"the Grandmas"}
Uncle Gary & Cousin Zoe.

It was a gorgeous day! Only 90 degrees.
We had a blue Thomas rainbow cake.
It kind of cracked from the humidity.
But Elijah LOVED it!

And it tasted good. The spoils. Molly liked it too.

John Deere front loader from Grandma Gloria in CA!
Book from GG & Ppa.
John Deere movie.
Other gifts he got were: a Toy Story race track, a Cars outfit, Thomas swim trunks, another kick board, 2 big water guns, water balls and a frisbee, pencils, markers, paper, a writing board, yard darts, Bash (a train from Misty Island) with 2 other freight cars, a little take-along Bash, a pick up truck hauling a road construction sign, a Cars "learn to read" book, & goggles.
He went skinny-dipping. Because you're allowed to do that on your birthday. That's why they call it a birthday suit.
Great Grandma & Grandpa Funk.
Uncle Jacob & Kate.
My boys and me. :)
I really love these 3 guys.

Our friends came over later.
Landon, Levi, & Elijah had a blast!
Levi isn't one bit camera-shy.
We swam until after dark. What a great time!
Elijah had a wonderful birthday - full of fun, special friends, family, swimming, and gifts. He thought it was epic. I thought it was exhausting... & really fun. And I still can't believe my baby is four.

The end.

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