Tuesday, July 19, 2011

that figures

My husband is scheduled for surgery (orthoscopic on the right hand and wrist) on Friday morning. I was reading the paperwork last night about what to do and not do prior to surgery, you know to be prepared. They talk about taking medications, what to wear, not to eat after midnight, etc. And guess what's on the top of the list... DON'T GET A COLD. Well, it doesn't exactly say not to get a cold. It just says "Contact your doctor immediately if you get a cold or cough." Evidently it can affect the anesthesia process.

So wouldn't you know who came down with not just any cold, but a MAN COLD. The dreaded MAN COLD, which can debilitate them at a moment's notice. Which can render them completely helpless and in need of their Mommies. Oh yes. The MAN COLD, which causes all ability to care for one's self to cease and diciest. You're right if you guessed Manny.

Super. Just perfect timing.

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Anonymous said...

it's the Manny Cold not the Man Cold.