Sunday, July 24, 2011

Surgery for Manny

On Friday my husband got sliced and diced. Ok, not really but I like how that sounds. The operation took only about 1 hour and I got to take him home that same morning. He's recovering pretty well so far. His injured hand may or may not be fixed now. The orthopedic surgeon was great and everyone at the surgery center was very nice.

Dr. Johnson told me that when he went to look with the scope he didn't find anything torn or broken (GREAT news!), but there was some inflamed tissue around the bones in the wrist. So he removed that tissue, attached a bionic arm, stitched him back up, and sent him on his way. Ok, he didn't get a bionic arm either. But wouldn't that be cool? In stead, he got a big ol' cast (which has since been taken off).

The unfortunate part is that the procedure didn't necessarily guarantee that he'll be pain-free now. His medical opinion is that the inflamed tissue was the cause, but there is no way to be sure until it heals. So we wait. Poor Manny. I know he's sick of being broken and ready to get on with life and back to work.

{I took a picture of Manny in the OR but it's on my phone and I have no idea how to get it off of there. I'm technologically challenged.}

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