Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pool Construction: Day 14 (continued) & 15

After the liner was in, Elijah got to be the first to put water in the pool.

It took 24 hours to fill up.

After about 8 hours we could wait no longer...

The 3 of us got in to give it a try.

The water was icy cold and Ezekiel was mad because he wanted to play with the hose.

Day 15 (last day)

Mom and Grandma worked hard all morning to plant a lovely flower bed near the pool.

Dad was the first to brave the freezing water. He claimed it "wasn't bad".

Yeah right! It was 65 degrees!
He did cannon-balls and a back-flop. Mom jumped in for a second too.
Then it poured and poured rain. Not our preferred way to spend the first official pool day. But whatever.

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