Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oh, hey. We had VBS.

I almost forgot to mention, 2 weeks ago... or was it 3? We had VBS at church. Gold Rush was the theme - Discovering the Rock of Ages.

Yeah that was a fun week, which I was none too sad to see end. I was placed in "charge" of the nursery and photography. Yikes! Seriously, I don't want to do that ever again. The nursery part, that is. Soooo many babies at their bedtimes. Not enough arms and rocking chairs to make them happy.

Nevertheless, my Elijah had a great time! He just may have been the cutest little cowboy in the west.

{enter my finest southern draw} Now, I reckon ya'll might like to see a few photos. Yessiree.


The "Miners" class, 3-year-olds, led by Mrs. Beal.

Craft time.

Lined up for recreation. Playing train - what else is new?

Elijah got to be the Engineer on their pretend train. Score!

They quickly became distracted and derailed.

Which, turned into a race to the end of the field.

As they raced back, they all fell into the same hole one by one. {far left} I'm still wondering why, by the time the last one came to the hole, someone didn't go around it. It looked like a sniper was getting them one at a time. Very entertaining.

They remind me of little chickens...

gathered around the mommy hen.

Snack time was fun. Tiny dixie cups of apple juice brings back such memories of my own VBS days as a kid.

Saying a prayer before snack.

His FAVORITE part, making me a picture frame!

You can't tell, but he was very proud of it.

I took 12 shots of this group.

And not one of them captured every person looking in the direction of the camera.
What's up 3-year-olds? Step up your game!

The End.

Ya'll come back now, ya hear?

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