Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Each one unique

{My boys: each at 11 months old}

I just don't think they look very much alike, other than the dark hair and eyes. Isn't it interesting how two totally different kids can come from the same parents?

Zeke has a lot of Jost (my Dad's side) in him... his dimples, hairline, face shape, ears, the way he loves to eat, his gusto, short temper, and strong will. But he was lucky enough to get his Daddy's big mouth in stead of my tiny one.

Elijah takes after the Jones side (my Mom's side), which I'm seeing even more in him as he gets older...the shape of his face, his body type, his attention to detail, the way he stands with his hands behind his back, the dimple under his one eye, the way he loves order, his problem-solving skills, his hard work ethic, his disinterest in food, his busyness.

I love them both so much and in such different ways. I love to see how they were each designed by God to be distinct people, with unique affinities and physical characteristics. I am beginning to understand that as they grow up, they will probably be in frequent conflict because of their personality differences. But that's just a challenge and opportunity for us all to learn to live together in love and tolerance.

I hope they know what a gift it is to have each other. They can be the best of friends for their whole lives.

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