Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just the facts, ma'am.

Wasn't that from Dragnet? Ah, good old cop shows.

Anyway, about my Dad...
He's feeling so much better now. The private room they have him in is more comfortable. He's able to eat people food (as opposed to chicken broth and jello), take showers, and move about a little.

And best of all, the numbers (measuring his level of Creatinine) are coming down as they should. When he was admitted to the hospital on Wednesday it was at 10 when it should have been 1.5. Today it was at 2.4. This is amazing and miraculous, truly. The specialist said when he gets to 1.5 again he can go home. Dr. S believes this will be tomorrow, at the rate he's been going. We're really hoping for that!

I know he's anxious to get out of there. So there you have it. The facts.

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