Saturday, June 4, 2011

the date

My handsome date and I talked and laughed over a delicious dinner. I had the lamb with curried rice, cucumber sauce, Greek salad and pita bread. He had the chicken. Before dinner, we went to visit my Dad in the hospital. We walked hand-in-hand through the corridors, enjoying the time together despite the unfriendly surroundings. He has a way of making any place enjoyable.

After our bellies were satisfied and our bodies grew tired, we decided to head home. But then our sweet teeth beckoned us to have a treat on the way. We stopped at Big Top and ordered two chocolate cones ($1.39 - what a deal!), he saved us a seat on one of the picnic benches outside while I waited for our ice cream. We sat, sometimes in silence, sometimes making observations about this or that, licking at the drips that threatened to slide down the sides of our cones. It was a warm and humid evening -- perfect for a frozen treat.

I love nights like tonight. I love the feeling of air so perfectly warm that the temperature makes my skin seem softer. I love the way the city looks so different after dark. And I love the company of my dear one. On the drive home we discussed future plans and things that make us happy about the upcoming Summer. And then, as we walked from the car to the back porch he stopped and sweetly said...

"Mom, can you carry me? I'm tired."


Jilli said...

So beautifully and warmly written. <3

Tati said...

Such a sweet time.