Wednesday, May 4, 2011

God's provision by way of my husband's laziness.

Manny got hurt at work a couple of weeks ago. His wrist this time. I know, right? You're thinking "Again?! He's always getting hurt!" And you'd be correct. But this time he's covered under workman's comp, thank goodness! He's gone a few times to the doctor and they put him in a brace and gave him some steroid medicine.

I don't know what the medicine is supposed to do. But I can tell you what it is doing. It's making him a growly bear! He's awful to be around. I flat-out don't like him when he's taking this stuff. He's introverted, grumpy, rude, snaps at us for no reason, drowsy, dizzy, and just plain unpleasant. I think he took his last pill for this round of treatment last night. I'll be glad when its out of his system. And I'm sure if he feels as bad as he's acting, he hasn't enjoyed it either. I hope he recovers soon. Poor thing is stuck doing boring stuff at work, which he hates. He has a 5 pound weight limit. That means he can't really pick up Zeke or help me with much around the house either. Joy, joy. Count it all joy.

Also we came home yesterday afternoon to discover the upstairs toilet had been running all day. The bathroom floor was flooded and the water had come through the ceiling into the laundry room downstairs. Praise the Lord that nothing was damaged... that we know of... yet.

For once I'm thankful for my husband's laziness. He had left his towels on the bathroom floor after his shower, which is what kept the water from making it all the way over to the carpeted area. So that's what I'm dwelling on, in stead of being upset right now.

See? God's provision reaches me even in the midst of my husband's messiness. He's good to me and I know it!

So He'll take care of Manny's wrist, and the house, and my frazzled nerves. He always does. :)

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Kimberly Hodges said...

sorry to hear our house flooded too from a backed up toliet. It covered half of our house: well really all of it beside our room. It was a mess and was smelly. If you have any questions please let me know. We had insurance and they covered it.