Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring Play-Dating

It's finally Spring! Hot dog! What a fun couple of days my Elijah's had! We were thrilled when the weather man told us the high this afternoon would be 78! Happy Spring, indeed. This lucky break came just in time for some adventures with our friends. Yesterday we went over to Audobon Park in Henderson to meet up with church friends after I got off work. There were 23 kids and 8 Moms!! (The Brownings, Guyers, Cohers, Ferrells, Woosleys, Kights, Taylors, and us) Good times. Elijah and they other boys were covered in dirt, dust, and sand when it was all over. The skin of their faces were only visible in the area under their noses where the snot had washed it clean! I think there is no better evidence of a good day than a dirt ring around the tub after bath time. Such was the case that evening. And today was better still. We had a long-awaited play-date with his good buddy Landon. If you ask Elijah who his best friend is, he will tell you Landon. Each Sunday after church we hear reports of how Landon has shared toys or played trucks with him in their class. So earlier in the week when I was explaining our upcoming activities he was beyond thrilled. I'm sure I was asked the question "is it time for my play-date yet?" at least 42 times this morning. The 3 o'clock hour could not arrive soon enough! We met at the park and those boys ran, jumped, climbed, slid, swung, dug, kicked, giggled, and tagged their little hearts out! I love watching them together. They do love each other. When we got home afterward Elijah was still spinning with excitement. He ran up to my mom and the first words out of his mouth were "Grandma! Guess what! I had my play date with Landon and it was so much fun. And it was a the park by Grandma Theresa's house. And it had sand. And a scary bridge. But I didn't go on that bridge. Maybe I will when I'm bigger. And another day I'm gonna go back again and play with Landon again....." And so was the topic of every conversation for the remainder of that day.

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