Monday, March 21, 2011

The BEST day ever!

{March 12, 2011}

HE HUNG UP THE PHONE AND LAUGHED. His face was lit up with enthusiasm. "What did Grandma say, honey?"

"She told me that Grandma Theresa is coming over to help me build my hotbox too!"

"Oh, that sounds like so much fun. I can't wait! We sure do love it when Grandma Theresa comes over, don't we?"

"Yeah! Some days are not fun days. But today is going to be GREAT!"

By the time we made it to my Mom's house, Elijah was out of his mind with excitement. He bounded into the house, ran up to where my dad was sitting, and said "Grandpa, are you ready to work on our project? Now? Now? Now are you ready?"

We waited for the Great-Grandparents to arrive then the boys were off on their adventure! Grandpa John, my Dad, and Elijah went to pick up lumber from the office. Elijah didn't even have to sit in his carseat in the back seat of my Grandpa's truck. Manny would have had a heart-attack. But there was no way to strap the carseat in. I figured he's big enough for a short trip. He did fine anyway.

They got the wood, brought it home, then were off again! The next trip was to Home Depot for some other supplies. Reportedly, Elijah sat on every single tractor they had on display. He was treated to a chocolate milkshake afterward and came home beaming!

The guys got to work in the garage; measuring, cutting, drilling, using power tools. Elijah tried to be brave, but still had to cover his ears when the circular saw is turned on. Grandpa Dan showed Elijah how to use the screw gun and let him give it a try. He paid close attention to it all, squatting down low to get a better view on things.

Meanwhile, we girls worked on the back porch; scrubbing, mopping, rearranging furniture, and wiping down surfaces to get it ready for Spring time! Afterward we all waited and watched, soaking up the lovely sunshine, as the guys finished building the hotbox. There was much talk of the veggies we would eat this summer. And how long it would take said veggies to grow. The waiting is the hardest part!

At long last the time had come to plant the seeds! They moved the box to the back yard (next to the basketball court), leveled it out, and filled it with soil. Speaking of which-- Grandpa John let Elijah drive his truck (on his lap) when they moved the dirt to the back yard.

Grandma Debby showed him how to make rows in the soil. Line everything up, just so.

Then carefully cut open the seed packets and sprinkle them evenly in each row. Shushel the dirt over top, then gently pack it down.

A plastic fork is used to hold the packet as a row marker.

We prayed and asked Jesus to bless our little plants that they would grow big and healthy. So we hope to be enjoying the fruits of our labor in a few months: lettuce, beets, spinach, carrots, mustard greens, dill, and zinnias (we don't eat zinnias). My little boy had a perfect day, which ended with good, dirty hands, and a tired body. These are the days that three-year-olds live for. Spring is in the air and we love it!

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