Monday, January 10, 2011

Zeke is 6 months already?

6 months have come and gone since our Zeke joined us. I'm astonished! This little boy is such a treasure. I find it amazing still how wonderful he is... how different from his brother, how funny, and strong, and independent. Our family is truly blessed by this little (or should I say big) addition. We don't go for his 6 month check up until next week so I'm not sure just how big, but I'm sure he's pushing 18 pounds or more!

All the little milestones seem to be buzzing by us at lightning speed this time around. He's soooo close to rolling over from back to tummy. He had his first taste of cereal last week and immediately decided he loved it. He's the boss of that jumparoo. This past month he discovered his feet and seems to find them very entertaining. Still no teeth appearing, but it won't be much longer - judging from all the drool and chewing on stuff. He can't get enough of his older brother. And possibly his cutest trait yet -- he is enamored with the animals... totally cracks up when he sees them! And my mom's cat even lets him pet him (for some crazy unknown reason)! I love the personality I see coming out in him. He's definitely going to be laid back like his daddy. But also funny -- he just has the cutest sense of humor. And I get the suspicion he's going to be independent and self-sufficient. I'm excited to see the boy he's becoming. But if he could just slow it down a teeny bit? A Mommy's heart can only handle so much. :)

Sometimes I just feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have these two amazing boys! They are blessings, for sure. I'm super thankful! And super in love with them both!

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