Sunday, January 2, 2011


It's about that time again. The time when we take personal inventory, reflect upon where we are, and set goals for the coming months. I don't think I actually articulated a "New Years Resolution" last year. But I kept notes in my journal of things I wished to accomplish. I'll admit I didn't come very far with the list. However, the Lord led me through some incredibly deep valleys by the hand and taught me a few unexpected lessons. So the detour was perhaps worth it. I will mention, though, a couple of pretty big accomplishments.
  1. NATURAL CHILDBIRTH! Um, hellooooooo. Need I go any farther? Because that was a monumental feat in and of itself. Am I right, ladies?
  2. I lost 15 pounds. (from pre-pregnancy) Still 15 more to go. But we're on the way.
  3. I think I've allowed myself to become more teachable. I've learned some things about true contentment in Christ and how fleeting the things of this world are.
  4. My husband found employment. (Yes, I know this wasn't my accomplishment, but it greatly effects me and was on my "2010 to do list" so I'll count it.)
I want to set goals this year that I can continually progress in, not just in 2011. I want my loved ones to see a marked difference in me in these areas. And I feel like these are things God truly calls me to change. I know they seem sort of lofty, but you have to start somewhere. So here are my 2011 resolutions.
  1. To worship the Lord Jesus with a pure heart, giving Him the firstfruits of my time and my treasure.
  2. To serve my husband with Christlike love and kindness.
  3. To nurture my children with gentleness, Godly wisdom, energy, creativity, and selflessness every hour of the day.
  4. To be a better friend and make a new one.
  5. To be the kind of person that I pray for my boys to become. (Godly, wise, generous, kind...)
May the Lord honor these and help me accomplish them.


Jessica Rossi said...

My goal list sounds rather similar! I will be praying for yours to be continually fulfilled!

Anonymous said...

Cheers to that Goal list! ^_^