Friday, January 28, 2011

What A Pain!

Having a three-year-old with growing pains at night is worse than having a new born baby who eats every 3 hours. (I know this, because I've had both.) Whereas cries from an infant can be quieted in the middle of the night by simply providing a little of Mommy's milk, a young boy whose legs and feet constantly ache with the pain of growing bones is not so easy.

We all know (if we've had a nursing baby), that Mommies can even doze off in the recliner for a few moments rest while the baby is filling his tummy. Not so much when your little one needs your soothing words and soft touches. He requires his poor hurting limbs to be rubbed and rubbed and rubbed. Pain relieving medicine does not help. He whimpers and cries and refuses to be comforted. He says he's a big boy and doesn't need to be held by his Mommy. Says he can "just give it a few more minutes" to feel better. But then he wants to be cuddled and hugged and kissed.

Bless his precious heart. I wish I could make the pain go away. I wish my sweet Elijah could get a whole night's sleep. I hope this phase passes soon because I'm one tired Mommy.

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Jilli said...

Poor Elijah!!! Maybe a warm bath with Epsom salts? Or eucalyptus oil?