Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Ezekiel's 6 month milestones

Ezekiel has a few new tricks he's been working on.

Most importantly: he says Mama. Started doing it last week. I noticed that when I put him in his car seat (which he vehemently protests at times) and he was crying to be taken out, it sounded exactly like he said "ummm ma-ma aahhh ma-ma ahhh". So now he's been saying ma-ma all the time. :) I love that I win this time. Elijah said "da-da" first.

He also says ba-ba, buh-buh, and da-da. But not as much.

He's starting to really get the hang of rolling from back to tummy. Most frequent time he practices this skill: during diaper changes. Not my favorite due to the smearage of runny yellow poo. Thanks buddy.

Over the weekend he demonstrated another new discovery: that he can make the Jump-a-roo go vertically, in stead of just swaying side to side and gently rocking. These days he's a wild man - bounding enthusiastically as high as he can into the air!

He's still enjoying his cereal. But I think it's time to introduce a new flavor. So I made his first batch of real babyfood last night. Carrots with extra-virgin olive oil (article about adding EVOO here). He hasn't tried any yet, but it tasted good to me so I bet he'll like it. More on how that goes later.

We went to the doctor for his 6 month check up last week. His weight gain is kind of leveling out now. He's 18 pounds, 2 ounces -- 55th percentile. But still 95th percentile on height, at 28.5 inches. All developmental markers look great. We're still scheduled for the pediatric urologist appointment next month.

In other news: I resolve to take at least one photograph this week. I've been such a slacker lately

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