Thursday, August 26, 2010

no time for peanut butter and jelly

Yesterday I took Elijah to have a picnic at the park.
But he was not willing to forfeit one second of playtime by wasting it on eating. So he ate his peanut butter and strawberry jelly sandwich in the car. I ate mine on the picnic bench as I watched him run off some energy.

The rest of the time he spent running up the steps, over the bridge, under the tunnel to the twisty yellow slide. Until a bossy older boy showed up and started "teaching" him the right way to do it. He tired of that quickly and asked to do something else.

So we went to another playground at the same park and Ragon took him on the merry-go-round. (Because his mommy will throw up on them.) Then the swings, then more slides, and things to climb on.

Then we discovered a wasp nest under the slide and had to run away fast. We ended up playing on an old dead tree and taking pictures of ourselves being silly until it was time to go home to feed the baby and take naps.

Dear Elijah,
I adore you. And I love your gorgeous eyelashes! Thanks for a fun day at the park. Lets do it again sometime.
Mommy xoxo

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