Monday, August 16, 2010

here and there

This is really going to be all over the place so I'll try to be brief. Not that I have much choice with these two little boys needing me every second of the day. :)

Ezekiel is 5 weeks old now. I cannot believe how big he's getting already! I have to put him in some 3 month size clothes. I weighed him yesterday and he's almost 14 pounds!!! Holy cow baby. That's an unofficial weight though because I haven't taken him to the doctor in several weeks.

He has started to really engage with us now. He coos, sticks out his tongue at us (a baby milestone) when we talk to him. And I can see that he's making the connection because he follows us with his eyes and whirls his arms and legs around with excitement. But best of all is when he smiles! Oh, those dimples! One of these days I'll be quick enough to get a picture of his smile. :)

In other awesome Ezekiel news... HE SLEPT ALL NIGHT last night. I fed him at 10:30 and he slept until 6:30 am (when I woke him up to eat because my boobs were about to explode!) Then he went back to sleep again until 9:30. I feel like an entirely new momma after that full night of sleep!! So happy! I sincerely hope he keeps it up. Ladies, if you didn't believe in the Babywise method before... BELIEVE IT NOW! I testify to you that it works. It works! It really really works!

Elijah, as you know, turned 3 last week. He had a pretty great party, which I will discuss in detail in another entry. (with photos)

Manny's parents came to visit us from California for a week. That was fun. Elijah was crazy wound up the entire time though, so it was trying. I think his life has just been in a constant state of upheaval since Ezekiel was born and this was just one more thing to throw him off. Poor guy. But now that we're back in our own house he's starting to do much better. Also, Manny worked almost every day his parents were here so that was a disappointment. However, we're very thankful for the job. No complaints. I'll talk more about their visit later too. (Maybe with photos too)

Weather. Yeah, it's been HOT. So so stinking hot that you cannot even go outside. We've been cooped up for weeks. One day last week the temp in the car read 107. So yeah, gross. Today it's cool and lovely so we're planing on doing something fun outside.

My friend Sarah had her baby on August 12th. A little girl named Keagan.

And now Zeke is crying. I'm off...

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