Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Tonight, while this

was going on...


is what I was doing.

It might just be my favorite part of the day. And not just because it means rest is near for me. (That's a bonus!) But because it's such a sweet time for my Elijah and me to spend cuddling, talking, singing, reading, and saying goodnight prayers. I hope he never outgrows the desire he has to hug and kiss me. He's always asking for just one more kiss before I tuck him in for the night. He has such a tender spirit. It's something I've prayed for him since he was born. And I really hope he never loses it.

p.s. The monkey's name is Moe. He was a gift from Grandma Gloria when Elijah said he wanted a monkey in stead of a brother or sister. Moe was put into retirement for quite some time, but I think he might be making a comeback.

p.p.s. It's crazy stupid hot here in southern Indiana. Heat index was 110 today. Tomorrow the temp is supposed to reach 100... plus like a gazillion % humidity on top of that. So awesome! How I wish we had somewhere to swim that I felt comfortable taking both boys myself. It's too miserable out to do anything else.

p.p.p.s. Manny's parents are flying out on Thursday from California to visit us for a week! Boo to the fact that he has to work EVERY single day they'll be here though.

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Anonymous said...

Please take a ton of pictures for me. Miss you all !!! xoxo