Tuesday, July 6, 2010

(My Favorite) Holiday Weekend

So here we are today, 2 days until my due date (but not really counting on Ezekiel -- it's strange to call him by name -- coming any time this week). I'm just hunkering down for the long haul. I think I'm going to attempt a belly photo shoot this week since we're on our last leg of the pregnancy. They may not be pretty, but they'll be real... real big, and real stretch-marked, and real pale since my belly hasn't seen daylight in a hundred years. But anyway.

Let me just say...
4th of July is my favorite holiday ever. Something about the heat, fireworks, picnics, grilling out, eating watermelon, swimming parties, and family time. I just love it! But would you believe I made it through the entire weekend without taking one single photo? Seriously. I'm so lazy these days. Lugging around a gigantic abdomen is enough work for me - no need to add a camera to the load. I do kind of regret my laziness though. I love to take photos of the fireworks and festivities.

My little Elijah LOVED the fireworks this year! At first he was apprehensive because in the spot we were sitting there were lots of people shooting off bottle rockets and other noisy things which were too loud for his taste. He spent a couple of hours with his hands over his ears. But once the big show started he enjoyed it. They were far enough away that he only heard a faint boom. We had a great spot too - on a bridge so our view of the river was unobstructed. About half-way through Elijah got bored and ran around for a while. But then once the finale started he got on Manny's shoulders and clapped the entire time! Afterward, as we walked to the car and drove home he was a crazy chatterbox! He went on and on and on about watching the grand finale, and how pretty they were, and how the "little ones" scared him too much. Then of course, he relived the whole thing for my mom when he saw her too. So that was how we ended the 4th. But let me back up and talk about the rest of the weekend.

Friday night I went with my parents (sans Manny and Elijah) to the opening of a new pizza place at Marina Pointe on the river. The view and setting was lovely. The pizza was great. The company included my aunts LL and Marcia, their husbands and my Dad's parents. Major topics of discussion: cousin Jamie's baby Zoey (born Wednesday of last week) and how she's doing, my impending due date and still growing belly ("Haven't you had that baby yet?" etc.), and cousin Jennifer's baby (found out that she's having a girl and naming her Chandler). To which my uncle Steve said "Well that's just a stupid name!".

So yeah. Then before I left my Grandma kind of grilled me about why I'm not going to let the Dr. induce me, because it's perfectly healthy and safe, and Jamie had it done and her baby is fine, and after all 4 of her 8 kids were induced and they were all fine, and it would be silly of me to let this baby come too late, etc. All to which I replied, "Because I chose not to. I had it done with Elijah and it's not for me this time around." End of story. Maybe it's just be being overly sensitive, but I kind of felt cornered. I don't want to add any more fuel to the gossip train. I have a feeling somehow the conversation will be turned around and I'll be made to look like I'm condemning other people for their choices. Which, of course, is not the case. Anyway, it was a nice evening after all.

On Saturday afternoon we had a pool/bbq party with our small group. Good food, good fellowship, cool water, and a nice evening. Once again Elijah swam like a little fish and LOVED the pool! It was so nice to get together with our group again since we've missed the past 3 months. I think I really needed the refreshment of being with our friends and hearing how they have been praying for us during this hard time in our lives.

So, Sunday - the 4th - Dad came to church. It was his 2nd week in a row, and the 3rd time he's been able to go since he got sick. Even though it wore him out and was hard for him to sit there the entire time, it was still really good that he was able to be there. After church Elijah spend a good 3 hours in the baby pool on my parents' deck while I watched and soaked my feet in the cool water. Then, of course, at night we went to the fireworks with Manny.

Yesterday our office was closed - woohoo! I love an extra long weekend (as if I don't get long weekends every week anyway). So Manny took me on a date to see Eclipse while Mom and Dad watched Elijah. I loved the movie, by the way. Each one keeps getting better.

Then in the afternoon Mom, Dad, Elijah, Ragon, and I went swimming at our friend Cathie's house. Oh, glorious weightlessness of being in the pool!! It felt so good to cool off and be able to lounge on my tummy in the float! Such a relief from the constant strain of carrying around this baby load all the time. Elijah is getting so very brave in his little frog floatie. He just swims anywhere he wants now. No more worry about being close to me or the steps. He's been having a ball. And boy can he kick! Mom worked with him a little bit on going under, holding his breath, and swimming to her from the steps. He's learning little by little. But each time he gets a little less apprehensive. After swimming we went to Big Top drive-in for some burgers, crinkle fries, and ice cream cones. What a way to top off a fun afternoon. Did I mention how much I love summer time?!

Did I also mention I'm 2 days away from my due date? Oh yeah baby!

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